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Southern Ohio Shredding
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First Capital Enterprises Secure Document Destruction
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How Does It Work?

FCE Shred

Residential Customers

Southern Ohio Shredding now offers a secure document destruction box for residential customers.

For only $10 we provide you with a box to store your confidential information that we can pick up from your residence when the box is filled with your documents and transport it to our secure shedding facility. Documents will be shredded within 48 hours of retrieval.

As you need it you can purchase another box for $10 for us to retrieve when the old box is filled.

The $10 covers the cost of the box itself as well as the secured pick up service. Please give a three day notice for pick-up in Chillicothe.


Your Personal Information Can Be At Risk!

Individuals and those with home offices may wish to properly destroy their old mail and other documents that contain personally identifying information (PII). These documents and records can pile up quickly.

Storing old financial, personal records and mailings wastes valuable space. However, this information should not be carelessly disposed of along with your garbage. Doing so can easily provide thieves with access to your personal data and identity. Placing this information on the curb in front of your house is not a good idea.

Using “waste basket” shredders is time consuming and can be quite messy. These shredders can only handle a few pages at a time you need to remove any staples or paper clips.  Paper dust creates another cleaning chore.

Prevent Identity Theft!

  • Do not place sensitive information in your trash!
  • Bring your personal information and records to First Capital Enterprises.
  • We can quickly and safely destroy it for pennies on the pound.

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